Sunday, January 7, 2007

BoonEx WAS a second family

It was a relly happy period of my life - being part of THAT boonex, where every person was a real teammate - not just "co-worker". All of us "blew up our asses" for BoonEx, because we knew: the better for BoonEx - the better for us, because we ARE the BoonEx.
I could not understand how people could leave the office right after end of working day. Nobody paid us for overtimes - BoonEx was our second familiy and it was enough to give all our might (hey! it was boonex! how could we contribute less?!).
All of us did more than we have to do formally. I remember, several times I was in office two shifts in a row (24 hours!!). Just to satisfy BoonEx's customers. Nobody asked us to do an extra job, we did it just "for idea".

Hey guys, do you remember our New Year 2006 celebration?! Do you remember our unexpected party when light turned off in office? :))) I think I will never forget it. I am sure, no other company in the world had such work collective, no other company had employees, who were SO MUCH HAPPY and PROUD of working in the team.

I wonder, how and why such small place as BoonEx collected so many great personalities. I join my friends and say big THANK YOU, BoonEx, for my friends I met there and for big part of my life, when I had a united family called "BoonEx".

Episode two: team raider.

That atmosphere was destroyed during dramatically short period of time - two or three months were enough to vanish almost all what we call now "that boonex". They tried to get economical benefit from installing prison-like atmosphere in office, but they loose any motivation of employees, and they are loosing money so far because of setting up unbearable atmosphere in the team.

No no, when I say "they did it", I want to believe that it was "she", not "they"! Andrey is a great guy and I will shake his hand whenever I meet him . He is outstanding businessmen and a very clever guy. I talked to him many times, and everything I write here - I told him. Many of us warned him that team is coming to ruin, that employees are loosing reason to work with all their might, we tried to tell him "STOP HER! PLEASE, ANDREY, STOP HER!". And all we have now - is this blog... no more BoonEx family.

Just for myself I realized, that from business's point of view having such atmoshere that we had in boonex is much more profitable. Some time I'll write a small article where I'll share my cynical capitalistic thoughts about having emplyees, which identify themselves with your company and do everything for it.

P.S. Just before my leaving BoonEx for own business, I found this beautiful picture on BoonEx's corporate server:

meaningful, isn't it? ;)


TAlex said...

hey Bro you are absolutely right!
NEW year 20058-2006 was the best period and I'll never forget this party! That was just great - and then Andrey and Julia came back and.... we all know the story!

New year is my most memorable memory.

Good job my friend!

LORN aka Designer said...

Гыгыгыг! 8)
А чо по русски не пишЫМ?
Копию хотябы сделайте, а?

Rosomaxa said...

Wow, Lorn!!! (you don't remember me :) )... what a nice surprise!

Кароче... я всегда думала что ты знаешь английский... :)

Насчет русской версии подумаем :).

kodart said...

Может скинимся и выкупим у них наш домик :)

Daniel Vartanov said...

Я прежде всего диванчик зелёный хочу у них купить )))

Ну, и нельзя не вспомнить про сплетню года: "В ближайшем будущем BoonEx переходит на dial-up" ))))))))))))

Nord said...

на счёт перехода на dial-up это мощно ))) Новый Год 2005-2006 в BoonEx... хех..это я тоже никогда не забуду... особенно то когда я проснулся и волшебным образом обнаружил себя спящим на полу )))

vavaka said...

Да, Новый Год был прикольный. Особенно запомнилось когда я сутра пришел и увидел тот срач, который воцарился в бунексе. Это был просто пиздец. Но потом все дружненько организовались и привели бунекс к первозданному виду. Все таки слаженный был коллектив, который сплотившись мог решать задачи любой сложности.

А еще прикол был когда на обед я, Симка и еще кто не помню заказали супчик из собачатины. Сколько обид бля было. Некоторые даже аватары в пандионе поменяли, в знак протеста. Влад Шубин при виде нас гавкал, напоминая тем самым кого мы собирались съесть. Сцуко, вот же веселуха была, хер забудешь.

Кто еще что помнит из серых будней бунекса прошу постить здесь.