Saturday, January 6, 2007

TAlex Story

I’ve come to Boonex on 6 of Jun - as a PC operator

It’s was real pleasure to work there for me because I worked with great people and Great managers (Tatiana Borannikova and Elena Nochevnaya ) this manages was the best people I’ve ever met in my life. These Girls are very king, polite and so on (to tell the truth all girls from boonex are the best)…… it’s hard to explain everything but in one word this girls are the BEST!

Then I’ve meet many people good , smart, kind in all departments and what is more I’ve found new friends – Thanks BOONEX for that.

For me it was pretty hard to Study and work in Boonex because 2005-2006 was my last year in KRSU University and I was working during the day and studying during the night. But I have been graduated with Honor! YES! That’s me!

This time 2005 Boonex was for me as a second home It was real pleasure to work there and to be the part of the teem that doing some Great job.

AT this time BoonEX had few departments

"fired" - meas that the person was fired or leave the service.

1) PC operators

a. Tatian Barannikova (manager) – leave

b. Elena Nochevnaya (manager) – leave

c. Dmitriy Sim – leave

d. Dmitry Lapshukov – leave

e. Voronina Olesya – fired

f. Ludmila Rigenkova

g. Maria Antonyan – leave

h. Olga Sokolova (manager) – fired

i. Olga Danichkina (manager) – leave

j. Sveta Movrojanidi – leave

k. Elena Efanova – leave

l. Budnikova Oksana – fired

m. Olesya Chernogubova – leave

n. Polina Kotkalo– leave

o. Sergey Frolov – leave

p. Igor lebedev

r. Sergey Klushkov - leave


a. Erneyev Vladialav – leave

b. Dmitriy Borovkov – leave

c. Alexey Belashow – Krasavcheg

d. Alexey Dyachenko – fired

e. Anton Lesnikov

f. Vartanov Danil - leave

3) Developers

a. Vlad Shubin (manager) – leave

b. Dima Tyan

c. Andrey Galkin – fired

d. Denis Chernytiev –leave

e. Vova Kuznecov – fired

f. Artur Sharipov– leave

g. Dima Sherbakov– leave

h. Trunov Victor - boot licker - now manager

4) Directors

a. Alexander Trofimov

b. Julia S.

c. Andrey Sivtsov

5) Sales and marketing

a. Sergey Voronin – fired

b. Vlad Kulamov - fired

c. Uliana Kumenova – leave

d. Zotov Artur (manger) – leave

(That’s crazy but after completing the list I understood that almost all who was in the company when I came – now is out - 26 people and there was much more CRAZY )

But the main pleasure as I understand now – When Directors (Andrey Sivtsov and Julia S.) were in Australia – they were there and people were working and it was great!

Great times! Sweet Times

In November 2005 – I was promoter to be Marketing Specialist!

That was really interesting and I have known all about online marketing and SEO (Now I’m working as a SEO specialist in another company)

In the Department I have find new friends
Sergey Voronin

Vlad Kulamov

Uliana Kumenova

And Find a teacher - my manager Zotov Artur (he is great in online marketing and SEO but does not tell much about Online secrets ;)

Working in marketing department was great and fun but them “Andrey Sivtsov and Julia S.” get back from Australia and promoted me to be a Support specialist – to answer on forum posts (first in Aedating forum then in Boonex forum next in Expertz forum). LOL! I can call myself as a Lord of the Forum! Haha J

I was working in Boonex as Support specialist till I was fired.

I was a Support team leader – was a support Supervisor – but one day I’ve made a mistake and I was fired. OK no problem! It’s pleasure to be out of BoonEX.

You may ask me “what mistake have you done ?” – But I do not wanna talk about it – if you would like to know about it just ask in comments and I’ll reply.

Actually I want to say THANK YOU BOONEX! That I know so many people that were working in the company – I have met so many friends. Hey Guys!(not boonex) I love you all!

For me Boonex was

1 – it was my home

2- then it was a factory

3- then it was a community

4 – then it became a prison. (It’s just my opinion)

It’s a pity that the good ideas have ugly faces!

And the rest I want to say that I’m happy that I have friends from boonex

So BoonEx Thanks!


Rosomaxa said...

btw, TAlex, i wasn't fired :)

kodart said...

me too :)

vavaka said...

А меня уволили. Пиздато же :)

Daniel Vartanov said...

Ya ya, peace_data!

vavaka said...

Ага, и возле птицы