Saturday, January 6, 2007

Just BIG "thank you"

You are damn right, TAlex! BoonEx became a place very close to prison for its employees. Remembering BoonEx as our home I feel... like we lost something precious... a special spirit that is not in BoonEx anymore...

Still... Thank you Artur Zotov for being my teacher every day i was in BoonEx.

Thank you BoonEx for giving me great people, which are my friends now... and thank you for Vlad :) . I admit the fact that you are really good at connecting people.. no matter by which means.

Thank you BoonEx for teaching us what we should NOT do when running the company... This is a
priceless experience we are not able to get anywhere else i guess.

Well... no matter how bad or good BoonEx was for me - I want to thank this company for just being in my life...

for making me stronger and more independent...

for giving me an opportunity to see how wrong management of a single person (probably two) can destroy the best working atmosphere I've ever seen....

and.. for letting me see all sides of the story called "from AEwebworks to BoonEx".

P.S. well.. if it's all about "thank you".... then thank you Danik :) for inviting me to this new place, which is going to become a great "tusovka" of great people from "BoonEx Home".

Trully Yours,

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TAlex said...

"for making me stronger and more independent..." - that's true - now I'm more independent and stronger!

All people in BooNEX became more stronger and ....

The main thing "own self be true" and be your self !

Good post my friend!